SSL certificate for your secure web site

SSL Certifikáty

SSL technology provides encrypted data transfer between web site visitors and server. This technology of secure transfer of information is recommended to use to transfer sensitive information for example online payments or transfer of personal data etc.

  • protection of the web site and customers by SSL encryption
  • quick and easy to obtain certificate
  • great prices of SSL certificates


Current offer of SSL certificates. Prices are listed including VAT, in brackets are listed excluding VAT.

Classic SSL certificates

Encrypts transfer of the selected domain eg. or Also suitable for Facebook application.

Type of SSL certificate
Price per year
Comodo Positive SSL
14,26 € (11,88 €)
Commercial SSL
16,55 € (13,79 €)
QuickSSL Premium
72,00 € (60,00 €)
54,00 € (45,00 €)
RapidSSL Certificate
33,00 € (27,50 €)

Wildcard SSL certificates

They are designed to encrypt data transmission across domain eg. and for all its subdomains.

Type of SSL certificate
Price per year
Commercial Wildcard SSL
82,79 € (68,99 €)
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate
142,56 € (118,8013,79 €)

Providers of SSL certificates

Description of companies whose SSL Certificates we have on offer.

GeoTrust certifikáty


GeoTrust® is the second largest provider of SSL Certificates in the world. It is a provider of digital certificates for more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries around the world. Latest technologies for digital signing of SSL Certificates, 256-bit SSL encryption, fast delivery and great prices.
Thawte certifikáty


Certification authority Thawte® belongs to the VeriSign family of trust brands what ensures reliable backround for providing SSL Certificates. Thawte has issued more than 945,000 SSL Certificates in 240 countries what makes it the world largest provider of SSL Certificates. We offer SSL Certificates with 256-bit encryption.
RapidSSL certifikáty


RapidSSL® brand is owned and operated by GeoTrust and was established for fast and automated providing of value-priced SSL Certificates. We currently offer two types of 256-bit SSL certificates with express delivery.


How to get SSL certificate

1. After completing order you will receive additional requirements via Email:

  • Billing information
  • If you have generated CSR file (Certificate signing request),which should be 2048-bit, please send it to us. If you do not have a CSR file, we will generate it for you but we need the so called common name, the domain name where you want to have this certificate. For example or or etc.
  • We need you to create one of following email addresses: admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, webmaster@ or

2. We create an order at the selected provider.

3. You receive e-mail to confirm ownership of the particular email address.

4.Your certificate will be installed on server.

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